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Debra Collins
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As CEO and President of LTCS Books, Inc., Debra maintains a knowledge base and writes weekly articles on long term care and home health care federal regulatory changes.


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Safe Transfers and Lifts

This inservice gives instruction for safe transfer and lifting practices, and is designed for nursing assistants, CNA's, and home health aides in the long term care and home care environments. Causes of back injuries are explained, and practices are described for safe lifting and transfers. Procedures draw on comprehensive care plans for bed mobility and transfers. Details are given for the safe use of assistive transfer and lift devices.


Upon completion of this inservice, participant will be able to:

  1. Describe two types of back injuries and their potential consequences.
  2. Define body mechanics, and give five examples of body mechanic techniques.
  3. Explain how to report and document a workplace injury.
  4. List four components of a resident care plan for bed mobility.
  5. Describe proper and safe procedure for turning a resident in bed.
  6. Explain how to reposition a resident using a draw sheet and trapeze bar.
  7. Name four components of a resident care plan for transfers and lifts.
  8. Demonstrate safe transfer of a resident from a bed to a stretcher.
  9. Demonstrate safe transfer of a resident from a bed to a wheelchair.
  10. Describe how to use assistive transfer and lifting devices safely.
  11. Outline safe transfer of a resident using a cane and using a walker.
  12. Explain safe transfer of a resident using a sling lift.


Chapter 1
Preventing Back Injuries

  • Back Injuries
  • Signs of Back Strain
  • Incident Reports
Chapter 2
Safe Lifting and Transfer Practices
  • Know the Resident’s Needs
  • Assess and Adjust the Load
  • Use Proper Body Mechanics
Chapter 3
Bed Mobility
  • Care Plans for Bed Mobility
  • Goals to Increase Bed Mobility
  • Turning a Resident in Bed
  • Assistive Devices for Bed Mobility
  • Draw Sheet
  • Trapeze Bars
Chapter 4
Transfers and Lifts
  • Care Plans for Transfers and Lifts
  • Bed to Stretcher Transfers
  • Bed to Wheelchair Transfers
Chapter 5
Assistive Devices for Transfers and Lifts
  • Using Transfer and Lifting Devices Safely
  • Transfer Belts
  • Walker
  • Cane
  • Sling Lift

Course Snapshot

Cost: $ 10.00
Contact Hours: 0.75


Upon successful completion the participant will receive a Certificate of Completion for 0.75 inservice contact hour(s).
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