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Debra Collins
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As CEO and President of LTCS Books, Inc., Debra maintains a knowledge base and writes weekly articles on long term care and home health care federal regulatory changes.


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Skin Care

This inservice is designed for long term care nursing assistants, CNA's, and home health aides to provide basic facts about skin care, skin changes in the elderly, and prevention of skin breakdown. Risk factors, causes, and interventions are explained for dry skin, dermatitis, edema, skin ulcers, skin tears, bruises, and pressure ulcers. Special interventions for incontinence and immobility are described.


On completion of this course, the participant will be able to: 

  • Name the three layers of skin and their basic functions.
  • List three skin changes of aging.
  • Explain how and when to assess skin as part of daily care.
  • Name two interventions for dry skin.
  • Define edema.
  • Describe three types of skin ulcers.
  • Explain causes of skin tears and bruises and two interventions for their prevention. 
  • Describe federal quality of care regulations on acquired pressure sores and the healing of pressure sores.
  • List three causes of pressure sores. 
  • Name four interventions to prevent skin breakdown.


Chapter 1: The Elderly and Skin Problems

Basic Facts about Skin
Skin Changes in the Elderly
Risk Factors for Skin Problems
When to Assess Skin 

Chapter 2: Common Skin Problems

Dry Skin
Dermatitis and Rashes
Skin Ulcers 
Chapter 3: Skin Tears and Bruises

Risk Factors and Causes of Skin Tears and Bruises
Interventions to Prevent Skin Tears and Bruises
Reporting Skin Tears and Bruises 
Chapter 4: Pressure Ulcers

Federal Quality of Care Regulations
Causes of Pressure Ulcer Development
Development and Stages of a Pressure Ulcer 
Chapter 5: Skin Breakdown Prevention

Skin Breakdown Care Plans
Mobility and Skin Breakdown
Incontinence and Skin Breakdown


Course Snapshot

Cost: $ 10.00
Contact Hours: 1


Upon successful completion the Home Health Aid or Nurse Assistant will receive a Certificate of Completion for 1.0 inservice contact hour(s).
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