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As CEO and President of LTCS Books, Inc., Debra maintains a knowledge base and writes weekly articles on long term care and home health care federal regulatory changes.


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Standard Precautions

This inservice is designed for nursing assistants, CNA's, and home health aides in the long term care and home health settings. Standard Precautions practices are described with detailed instructions on hand hygiene, hand washing, use of gloves, and use of other protective wear. Guidelines are given for cleaning surfaces and spills and handling linens. Protocols are outlined for three kinds of isolation.


Upon completion of this course, the participant will be able to:

  1. Define Standard Precautions practices and their applications. 
  2. Describe proper hand hygiene and hand washing techniques. 
  3. List seven circumstances that require hand washing. 
  4. Name four care situations that require glove use.
  5. List three situations when gloves are not to be worn. 
  6. Describe proper use of protective wear.
  7. Define Contact, Droplet, and Airborne Precautions, and identify protective wear appropriate for each kind of Isolation.

Imagine that you put in a full day’s work and provided care to a dozen residents or clients. At the end of the day, the charge nurse informs you that a lab test came back revealing that one of the persons you cared for has a very infectious disease. It’s too late now to protect yourself and all the other residents you cared for from becoming infected. This could be a common occurrence if Standard Precautions were not used.


Chapter 1: Standard Precautions


Chapter 2: Hand Washing

When to Wash Hands
How to Wash Hands
Hand Hygiene 

Chapter 3: Gloves

When to Wear Gloves
When to Remove Gloves
Where Gloves Should Not be Worn 

Chapter 4: Other Protective Ware

Mask, Eye Protection
Resuscitation Equipment 

Chapter 5: Environmental Practices

Surfaces and Spills
Work Practices 
Chapter 6: Isolation

Contact Precautions
Droplet Precautions
Airborne Precautions

Course Snapshot

Cost: $ 10.00
Contact Hours: 1


Upon successful completion the participant will receive a Certificate of Completion for 1.00 inservice contact hour(s).
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